5 Top tips for being out in the Sun.

5 Top tips for being out in the Sun.

5 Top tips for being out in the Sun.

Keep your cool in hot weather!
This heat and sunshine can be lovely, but you have to look out for the dangers too! Sunburn, heatstroke and general overheating are an absolute pain, so here are a few tips to keep you (and your furry friend) happy and cool!

Be Sun Smart!

Wear sunscreen! Put it on in the morning and re-apply, as there is nothing worse than a blistering sunburn! Remember that even if it feels cool due to the wind, you can still get burnt - and a top tip: Foggy or misty weather in the summer can be lethal as it reflects the suns rays, so keep applying that suncream!

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Protect Your Head

You can get burnt on the crown of your head on hot days, even through your hair! Wear a hat or a Snuzzle over your head to protect your head. It will keep you much cooler, and will also protect your hair from bleaching.
They will also wick away moisture (perfect if you are sweating!) keeping you dry and cooling you down at the same time!
For furry friends, keep them out of the sun and in the shade, and make sure they stay out of the sun during the hottest hours of the day!

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Drink and keep drinking, and then drink some more...

And yes, I'm taking about water here! We get dehydrated super quick which can make us irritable, grumpy, hot, flustered, and just uncomfortable, and a lot of the time we don't even realise it's because we are thirsty! So try to dring (water) little and often to combat this. Why not get yourself a reusable water bottle and bring it with you!
This is a great one for our furry pals too, they need a lot more water this time of year. Remember tepid water is best, as just like us, if they drink cold water too fast it will give them a tummy ache!

(My wee pup is totally spoilt - she has her own water bottle from a local business here in Waterford: Monkey Cups.)

Cool Down!

Cooling down is a great thing in this weather - Wear loose clothing, preferably items that breathe well - Cotton, Linen and jersey are all good choices.
Did you know another great way to cool down quickly is by wearing a damp Snuzzle! Run it under a cold tap, wring out any excess water, shake out the fabric and put it on - the breathable moisture wicking properties in the fabric will have you cool in no time!
Want as even cooler top tip?! Before you put it on, chuck it in the freezer for half an hour - perfect for after a run or a work out, this will have you cool and chillin' in no time!

For your furry friends, a cool, wet towel can really help - they can lie on top of it to cool down. You can also dampen their ears, head and paws with cool (not cold!) water



Oh NO! I got burnt! What now??!!

Cover your burn in soothing aftersun as soon as possible - the best natural equivalent is aloe vera - if you have a plant, split open a leaf and the goo that comes out is magic for burns. (It also works on dogs for sunburn, and is natural and non toxic!)
A good tip is to get a long sleeved cotton shirt, turn it inside out and lather it in after sun/aloe vera - then put it on and let it all soak up into your skin.
Remember if you are burnt you also need to drink lots of water (and so does your dog!)
And if in doubt, do see your pharmacist and/or your vet!


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