How to Wear your Snuzzle Multi-Use Headwear in 13 Easy and Simple Styles

How to Wear your Snuzzle Multi-Use Headwear in 13 Easy and Simple Styles



“Just after getting my Snuzzle tube scarf in the post. The material is so soft and the drawings are fantastic. Highly recommend.”

Ah, the Snuzzle -

What a Life Changer!

How such a tiny piece of fabric can be so useful is magic!

Once you own your first Snuzzle you will notice how quickly they start to multiply and how your collection grows to suit every outdoor adventure: Whether it’s a jaunt into town for a coffee meet up, an overnight camping trip with a fun hike or meditative day’s fishing, an early morning run or a late evening walk to clear your head, the Snuzzle quickly becomes an indispensable part of your day to day wardrobe.


But Why are Snuzzles So Great?

Good Question!

Snuzzles, essentially, are a multi-use tube scarf.

Designed for busy people, outdoorsy people, and for those who like to have fun, the Snuzzle is made from a light knitted breathable fabric. This makes it super thin which means it can fit easily under your helmet, or in your handbag.

The Snuzzle is so lightweight it weighs practically nothing, making it so incredibly comfortable to wear, you hardly notice it’s there.

It is soft and seamless, so you don’t need to worry about uncomfortable seams or itchy fabric, instead you can get on with your life in comfort and with confidence.

Constructed from a technical microfibre, the Snuzzle has moisture wicking properties and is quick drying, regulating your bodies temperature, cooling you down on warm days or when you are breaking a sweat. It is also a good way of protecting your head from strong sun and UV rays so you don’t burn the back of your neck or the top of your head.

It is also fantastic at keeping you warm when it’s cold, giving good thermal protection throughout the winter.

Okay! Let’s get to the Good Stuff…

How to Wear Your Snuzzle


The Neck Scarf

Just pull it on and off you go!

The Hairband.

Perfect for funky colourful and easy hairdos.

The Face Covering.

Pull the Snuzzle up over your nose - Super breathable!

The Full Balaclava.

For maximum coverage and a little mystery...

The Pirate.

This one is a wee bit tricky, best to watch the video!

The Sweatband.

Keeps that sweat out of your eyes!

The Smurf or Bobble Hat.

Just tie a knot in the top and off you go.

The Balaclava.

Great for going on Adventures!

The Hair Tie or Scrunchie.

Yeah, I know I don’t have enough hair!!

The Helmet or Hat liner.

To stay warm, to cool down, or to protect your neck from wind or sunshine.

The Cinderella Style (or Do-Rag).

Super handy to keep hair under control, especially if you work in the food industry. Or just great for afternoon cocktails rain or shine!

The Skull Cap.

Keep that hair under control!

The Sweatband.

Keeps that sweat out of your eyes!

The SPACE! Snuzzle in these images is made from 100% Recycled Microfiber Polyester (with the Global Recycled Standard Certification, one of the best certification standards for textiles). Each Sustainable Snuzzle contains up to 2 recycled plastic bottles diverted from landfill or the ocean. Now that’s pretty cool for you and for the environment!

Now for the instructional video version, in case you want some pointers, or if you just want to enjoy the beautiful view of the River Suir here in Waterford!



View the FULL Collection of Sustainable Snuzzles HERE


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