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 MJ sits on the end of a marina pontoon. there are sail boats in the background and she is dressed in a bright red hat and boots, a yellow oilskin jacket and jeans.

  • Gift Guides: Usually around twice a year I put together some pretty comprehensive gift guides. These mention well over 20 different Irish shops or creatives who make and sell really cool stuff! I also focus on Gift Guides for Men, [as they really aren't all only interested in booze, golf and DIY - there is a lot more to me than just these 3 things!] and Christmas guides to help you find fabulous gifts for under a tenner!


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  • Listening to my customers over the past few years, I have learnt a lot, and many of you have the same complaints and problems when it comes to life in general:
    "Getting Outside"
    "Low Energy"
    "Getting Outdoors in Bad Weather"
    I absolutely share ALL of these feelings at different times, and so, I have designed tiny actions I can take that make my life better, and make me FEEL better about myself, and life in general.
    And I realised, maybe YOU would find these tiny steps helpful in YOUR life. 
    So I put together my small steps into phone wallpapers, as an easy way to remind you to take a moment in your week, and reconnect with yourself and your surroundings.
    On the 1st of every month, I will send you two of these wallpaper reminders, to use as you please throughout the month, and to hopefully help make your life that little bit better.
    I would love to know if they do!