I'm moving studio, and I found a box of leggings! And some of my old (non recycled) tube scarf Snuzzles!

All marked down, some to 50%!!!

"The Everlasting Gobstoppers of Leggings!" - Tara

"I get so many compliments on the leggings and just love the fit of them." - Cora

"I have my legging for 2 years, they saw me through my pregnancy and I still wear them regularly." - Elsa

"Bought two snuzzles, they arrived quickly in absolutely beautiful packaging. They're really soft and the colours/designs are brilliant, really eye catching." - Sarah

"I love my snuzzle. So much so, that I will be ordering more in the future." - Natasha

"I bought three snuzzles and adore them. One for my dog and two for myself. This is an amazing Irish business. Beautifully packaged." - Tracey

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