You can contact MJ if you would like to collaborate on a project, book a workshop, or order a custom design for your business, team or club.

MJ can run workshops for adults, children, businesses, schools, teams and clubs, and has been coordinating and facilitating workshops for over 10 years. Below is an example of one of her more popular workshops, but please feel free to contact her in regards to any creative workshop needs you may have.

Harnessing the Power of Creativity to Get Things Done.

Creativity, and drawing in particular, has a power that lists and excel sheets just cannot match. Before we learnt how to read or write, we already knew how to express ourselves through drawing. Over the years, many of us leave drawing aside, and we focus on other skills, such as reading and writing with more proficiency.

But drawing has a power that words alone do not. Drawing an image stirs our imagination, and conjures up visualisations that stick in our minds more easily than lists of words do.

We, however, are more than often stuck with a preconception that we cannot draw. We are not artists! we tell ourselves. Art is an innate talent. Words are for everyone.

But the truth is we can draw. All of us can draw an image representative of what we mean, we use emojis every day, as they convey more than a solitary word. And with simple drawings we can reorganise our brains, our goals, our businesses, to drive us towards our dreams.

This workshop will focus on two drawing exercises.
The first is designed to clear the mind and help dissipate anxious thoughts.
The second focuses on the visualisation of ideal dream situations, and explores how through questioning why we want certain things, we can build goals and strategies to directly bring us closer to our dream.

This hands-on workshop can be structured to last between 1 and 2 hours.

An Introduction to Arts and Health with Waterford Healing Arts TrustLearning to Make, Making to Learn: When Comics Creation and Depression Become a Transformative Learning Experience - at the Graphic Medicine Conference at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore