Collection: Luxury Totes

Luxury, Limited, Quality Totes

I am so excited about these totes as I have been working on this launch for well over a year!

Why? Because I take product testing VERY seriously! 4 people from the ages of 34 to 88 have been using their tote bags for a year now, and they have stood the challenges of 4 very different lifestyles!

Each tote is made from canvas, with cotton handles that soften over time to make them so comfy to use! They are strong and long lasting, and the designs were all hand-drawn by myself!

The best bit is these are incredibly limited! ONLY 25 of any design will ever be made and sold, making them completely unique!

Inspired by my Granny, who irons and folds wrapping paper, who grew up in a world where sustainability was a way of life and not a buzz word, who has had 1 shopping bag that has lasted her a lifetime, and who has been one of my testers this past year.