A Unique Irish Mother's Day Gift Guide - 30+ Gift Ideas!

A Unique Irish Mother's Day Gift Guide - 30+ Gift Ideas!

As Mother's Day approaches, it's time to celebrate the incredible women who shape our lives with love, dedication, and boundless energy. This year, I've curated a special gift guide focusing on the diverse array of mothers out there, each with her own passions, interests, and unique personality.

From the fitness enthusiast who conquers marathons to the sea lover who finds solace in the waves, from the glamorous hostess who elevates every gathering to the nurturing animal lover who opens her heart to all creatures great and small, this guide is designed to help you find the perfect gift for every type of mom.

And as always I’m shining a spotlight on small, local, independent Irish businesses. By choosing gifts from these artists, crafters, makers (and shakers!), you're not only honouring the special mother in your life but also supporting local businesses, and the Irish economy to boot!

So whether your mom has a green thumb, a caffeine addiction, or a penchant for pampering, join me through this carefully curated selection of gifts that are sure to make her Mother's Day truly memorable.

Let's celebrate the remarkable mothers in our lives, and the unique Irish businesses out there, as we show our appreciation in the most meaningful way possible.

  1. The Workout Mom
  2. The Sea Swimmer Mom
  3. The Animal Lover Mom
  4. The Fancy Mom
  5. The Gardening Mom
  6. The Coffee Mom
  7. The Bookworm Mom
  8. The DIY Mom
  9. The Foodie Mom
  10. The Traveler Mom
  11. The Crafty Mom

1.The Workout Mom

This mom is always on the move, whether she's hitting the gym before dawn, conquering marathons on weekends, or diving into triathlons with gusto. Fitness is not just a hobby but a way of life for her, and she inspires those around her with her dedication and determination.

Gift Ideas:

How about a gorgeous balm from Natures Alchemy - another local business I know and love, Lynn makes skincare products from natural ingredients for people with sensitive skin. This balm is the perfect gift for tired feet! And she has plenty of other gorgeous smelling products to choose from too!

Mad Jessie Gift Ideas:

The Great Outdoors Snuzzle - Breathable, soft and seamless, and sweat wicking - the perfect accessory!

The Polka Fish Luxury Tote - A super strong tote, perfect for keeping your weights and gym gear in - Water repellant, quick drying, washable, and made to be used, and with a sporty design, what's not to love!

Need another gift idea? Try the Mountain Adventures Snuzzle


2. The Sea Swimmer Mom:

With a deep love for the ocean, this mom finds solace and joy in the rhythm of the waves. Whether she's braving the chilly waters year-round or simply relishing the salty breeze on coastal walks, she's happiest by the sea, where she feels most at peace and in tune with nature.

Gift Ideas:


Isabels Place is a lovely little gift shop in Dungarvan, and it honestly feels like Ali Baba's cave of hidden treasures! It's one of my main go-to gift shops, and this tide clock is actually on my own wish list of gifts! Perfect for the swimmer (or sailor) of the family (ahem, hint hint!!!)

Mad Jessie Gift Ideas:

The Soft Sustainable Stripy Hat! 100% lambswool to keep her head warm in the water, this Hat also shows the rising sea levels over the last 80 years: each stripe represents a decade of rising sea levels.

The Puffin and Narwhal Luxury Tote - A super strong bag made to outlast the weather - I actually use my one as a swim bag - it fits everything I need, and the straps are super comfortable!

Need another gift idea? Try the Under the Sea, or Fun in the Water Snuzzles

3. The Animal Lover Mom:

From adopted pets to rescued strays, this mom's heart knows no bounds when it comes to caring for animals. Her home is a haven for furry friends, and she showers them with love and affection, treating them like members of the family.

Gift Ideas:


Here's my lovely doggo in her very own Dog Dry robe! I have actually gifted one of these to my mum, as well as buying my own. Super handy for anyone who has a dog who loves swimming or running though the rain! Keeps your car and home dry, as well as your dog too!

Mad Jessie Gift Ideas:

If she has a doggo, does she have a good quality, warm hat? The Skipper Hat is made for all types of weather, and will cover her ears, keep her head warm, and make her look fab!

Or how about the River Wildlife Snuzzle - perfect for the mums who like feeding the birds! 

Need another gift idea? Try the super popular and hilarious Raining Cats n Dogs Snuzzle!

4. The Fancy Mom:

Always poised and polished, this mom loves any excuse to dress up and indulge in life's little luxuries. From elegant soirées to intimate gatherings, she effortlessly elevates every occasion with her impeccable style and grace.

Gift Ideas:

If you know me personally, I have already been raving about these amazing Milis candles to you! They smell INCREDIBLE, and just light up a whole room and the smells actually lift my mood every time I light one. Also, I LOVE this gorgeous cocktail collection! The perfect addition to any night!

(Also, if your Ma has a dog (see animal-lover mum), they are great for getting rid of dog fart smells! Me and my dog swear by it!)

Mad Jessie Gift Ideas:

Okay, so for this Mom, I would recommend the Chocolate Passion Luxury Tote, paired with the Vintage Daisy or Irish Wildflower Snuzzle - This way you are giving her some beautiful items that will elevate any outfit, while also gifting her flowers that will last longer than any bouquet! 

 Need another gift idea? Try the Celtic Ripples Snuzzle (almost sold out!)

5. The Gardening Mom:

With dirt under her nails and a green thumb to envy, this mom's garden is her sanctuary. Whether she's tending to her prized blooms, cultivating a bountiful vegetable patch, or simply enjoying the tranquility of her outdoor oasis, she finds joy and fulfilment in nurturing her green space.

Gift Ideas:


I love love love the beautiful stuff at Naturally at the Wrens Nest, and often get things for my mum here (last year I got her this very soap!) - the soaps are just divine, and there are also lovely oils, creams, body butters, all hand made with heaps of love and care. You can even get specific products that help with things like fatigue due to the plants used in them - 5 stars!!! Your mum will love it… and you’ll probably end up getting something for yourself too!

Mad Jessie Gift Ideas:

Another Mother who would just LOVE the Irish Wildflower Snuzzle, as well as a Skipper Hat to wear while tending the plants. The Ladybug Snuzzle is also a great choice, as they are lucky, especially to gardeners!

Need another gift idea? Try the Plant Power Snuzzle - Now ONLY AVAILABLE at Finders Keepers! (Only 3 left in the whole wide world!)

6. The Coffee Mom:

Fuelling her busy days with caffeine, this mom is always on the go with a cup of coffee in hand. From early morning pick-me-ups to late-night work sessions, she relies on her beloved brew to keep her energised and focused as she tackles the challenges of motherhood and beyond.

Gift Ideas:


Dust + Rock recently added these travel mugs to their collection, and let me tell you, they hold a lot of coffee, which I love! I have this one in white, and bring it with me all over the place, full to the brim of coffee! Keeps the hot coffee hot, and the iced coffee cold!

Mad Jessie Gift Ideas:

 The Hot Cuppa Snuzzle comes in 3 different colours: Chocolate, Pumpkin, and Blue Skies!

7. The Bookworm Mom:

This mom can always be found with her nose buried in a book, losing herself in the pages of captivating stories and thought-provoking literature. She instills a love of reading in her family, and her home is filled with shelves overflowing with cherished books from various genres.

Gift Ideas:

We bought these for my Granny a while back, and they were a great success! Brass Bookminders, with 4 in the pack they can be used on different pages, or even in different books. You can get them online at the Hobby Shop in Sligo!

Mad Jessie Gift Ideas:

Every book lover out there knows the power of words! The You Are... Snuzzle is full of positive affirmations and love, while being beautifully understated with soft grey handwritten script running across the fabric, encouraging and cheering her on, full of powerful and positive words.


8. The DIY Mom:

With a keen eye for design and a knack for creativity, this mom loves nothing more than tackling DIY projects around the house. From up cycling furniture to crafting handmade gifts, she's always ready to roll up her sleeves and put her skills to the test.

Gift Ideas:

Since I got myself one of these pencils, it is my go-to pencil for all DIY projects - From Bog&Brass, you can also get these engraved for that special touch! 

Mad Jessie Gift Ideas:

 The Galaxy Snuzzle is perfect for tying your hair up, as a headband to keep hair out of your eyes, as a dust mask, or even as a wrist band to wipe away sweat while you work!


9. The Foodie Mom:

This mom is a culinary enthusiast, always experimenting with new recipes and flavours in the kitchen. Whether she's hosting elaborate dinner parties or whipping up comfort food classics for her family, her love language is undeniably food, and she delights in sharing her creations with others.

Gift Ideas:


Another gift I myself have personally gifted to at least one person, this fab book was written by Lily Ramirez-Foran: shopkeeper, food writer, storyteller, mad dreamer and lover of all things Irish, founder of Ireland’s first Mexican boutique grocer and cookery school, Picado Mexican in Dublin. I love browsing her shop - Actually, I need to top up on some of my favourites soon!

Mad Jessie Gift Ideas:

A pack of 5 Mad Jessie Sprout Plantable Pencils Herbs includes Thyme, Sage, Coriander, Cherry Tomato, and 1 surprise seed! 



10. The Traveling Mom:

With a sense of adventure that knows no bounds, this mom is always dreaming up her next travel destination. From exploring exotic locales to immersing herself in different cultures, she believes in the transformative power of travel and instills a spirit of wanderlust in her loved ones.

Gift Ideas:


Finders Keepers is another of my favourite Brick and Mortar shops - and I know at least 3 moms who swear by the Sticky Lemon backpack - they also look super cool, as well as being made from recycled materials AND they have a waterproof lining! The perfect carry on!

Mad Jessie Gift Ideas:

 Either the Splashes in Rust or the Camping Craic Snuzzle - Great for travelling, they take up no space at all, and work as eye masks on the plane, a hat or scarf while travelling, and are useful for both hot and cold countries!

11. The Crafty Mom:

Armed with a glue gun and a rainbow of crafting supplies, this mom is a DIY dynamo who loves getting creative with her hands. Whether its knitting cozy scarves, sewing adorable quilts, or making intricate handmade cards, she finds joy in crafting personalised treasures for her family and friends.

Gift Ideas:


Cora Cummins Ceramics has these gorgeous new earrings which are perfect for the arty people among us! Show off your artsy elegance with something totally original and unique - tiny pieces of art finished with gold luster! I myself have my eye on one of her Mindfull Mugs! 

Mad Jessie Gift Ideas:

 The Cailleach Snuzzle is made with the artist in mind - colours jump off the fabric against the black background - I loved drawing and designing this one!


Each of these moms brings her own unique interests, passions, and personality traits to the table, enriching our lives in countless ways. Whether it's through her love of books, her culinary creations, or her adventurous spirit, she deserves to be celebrated for all that she is on Mother's Day and every day.


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Yup - you can get your Mam the gift that keeps on giving (and yes Mum, I know you are reading this, I promise you AT LEAST one Snuzzle for mothers day - I heard you, and I have not forgotten!!!)

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You can choose between the Original Snuzzle Subscription (€15 a month) or the Sustainable Snuzzle Subscription (€22 a month) - Who doesn’t just love choice! And each subscription includes one FREE Snuzzle!




Disclaimer: This is my own personal blog - I only recommend stuff I actually like - no one pays me or gifts me or even asks me to be featured! I just like sharing the cool stuff I find and the places I buy from - sharing is caring!

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