Collection: Soft Sustainable Stripy Hat

Gorgeous Lambswool Hats

Keeping you warm on those chilly days!

Mad Jessie likes to create sustainable functional apparel for people who love to be outdoors, no matter the weather, no matter the season.

Wool is a wonderful fibre -  not only is it natural and sustainable, it is one of the best materials for outdoor active wear. It helps to regulate your body temperature, wicks moisture away, is odour resistant and a fantastic insulator.

Why We Love Wool

Why is wool such an incredible textile fibre?

Why does it stand the test of time, and why do we still wear and cherish it?

Wool is naturalsustainablebiodegradable and totally renewable!

Wool is warmbreathable, and naturally insulating, with the ability to regulate body temperature.

Wool is naturally water-resistant, and can hold moisture for longer than other fabrics before starting to feel wet.

Wool smells better! It repels not only water, but also natural oils and odour-causing bacteria, which makes it antimicrobialantibacterial, and fresh-smelling after multiple wears!

Wool is super durable, and springs back into shape easily. Wool can be bent 20,000 times without breaking. (Let's compare: cotton breaks after 3,000 bends, silk after 2,000, and viscose after 75 bends.)

Wool is easy to care for, and stain resistant too! It really is a fantastic textile fibre, and that's why we LOVE wool!

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