Collection: Bespoke Sailor Hats

The Faire Isle-esque, Heritage Knit Sailor Hats were inspired by MJ's childhood in County Galway and a trip to the Shetland Islands.
Designed to celebrate Irish sailing traditions, particularly that of the renowned Galway Hooker, the hats are accompanied by matching wrist warmers, also adorned with a traditional Galway Hooker fishing boat. 
This hat brings past traditions of knitting, and the lifestyles of those working on the sea wearing wool for protection, together with the present passion, appreciation and resurgence of skills and crafts growing today. It is a reflection of this, and the Galway Hooker fishing boat it displays, which is also going through a resurgence in the West.
This Hat tells a story, of journeys, hard work, connection, navigating through the waves by starry constellations at night, while always having an anchor to home. It is inspired by sea faring folk, such as those in Ireland, in Shetland and the Faire Isles. It is also inspired by my childhood in County Galway, sailing on a Galway Hooker with my Grandfather as a three year old, wearing my Grannies (itchy!) knitted jumpers.
Now that I myself live aboard a sailing boat, I appreciate the importance and suitability of wool for the outdoors.
The Sailor Hat is made from 100% high quality lambswool, making it water repellant, moisture wicking, hypoallergenic, breathable and a natural insulator. Hardy, and long lasting - this hat is designed to be passed down as a heirloom knit.
This hat was created as part of a collaborative process between myself and my knitter Caroline. Working with her is always a joy, and both of us have learnt so much though this specific collaboration - about the history behind this type of knitting, about the behaviour of wool, about the fishermen and sailors of Ireland, and so much more. It has been a very challenging item to create, and we are incredibly proud of this wonderful wearable art piece we made together.
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