Love in Bloom: Embracing Valentine's Day Mexican Style

Love in Bloom: Embracing Valentine's Day Mexican Style

As we go through the month of February, love is in the air, and in Mexico, there is great anticipation for Valentine's Day, or "Día del Amor y la Amistad" (Day of Love and Friendship).

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post 

Valentine’s day isn’t just for couples anymore!

This post stemmed from my experiences with Valentines Day in Mexico, and actually this experience was a big part of me creating the yearly #FriendshipChallenge in February. In Mexico Valentines Day is about ALL types of love - in relationships, friendships, with our families, our neighbours, our pets. 

Traditions and Customs:

Valentine's Day in Mexico goes beyond the conventional expressions of love. Mexicans often celebrate with family and friends, making it a day to cherish all relationships. It is common for schools and workplaces to organise events, exchanging small gifts known as "cariños" or "amiguitos" (little friends) among classmates or colleagues.

The Language of Flowers:

In Mexico, flowers play a significant role in expressing emotions, and Valentine's Day is no exception. While roses are popular, each colour holds a unique meaning. Red symbolises love and passion and yellow represents friendship. The vibrant flower markets come alive with a kaleidoscope of colours as people select blooms to convey their sentiments.

Delicious Delights:

Love is often expressed through food, and Mexicans, like us, are no exception! Dinners featuring traditional dishes like mole and tamales are delicious and popular, but of course, it's the desserts that take the cake! Sweet treats like churros or tres leches cake are delicious, and a great way to share your love with someone!

Artistic Expressions:

Art and culture play a vital role in Mexican society, and Valentine's Day is no exception. Many cities host cultural events, live music performances, and art exhibitions that celebrate love and relationships. 

Valentine's Day in Mexico is not merely a commercial celebration but a day deeply rooted in cultural traditions and genuine expressions of love. Whether it's through the language of flowers or food, Mexicans celebrate love in so many different ways, and with so many different people! 

Let's embrace Valentines Day the Mexican way! Celebrating love and friendship in all their forms!

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