February Friendship Challenge!

February Friendship Challenge!

Welcome to the Mad Jessie February Friendship & Love Challenge!


I’ve been doing this challenge for a couple of years now, and it’s a great way to shift out of those January blues, and gently come out of hibernation along with the brightening days.


As February, the month of love, unfolds, Mad Jessie presents a unique Friendship Challenge. This isn't about romantic love. It's about the tenderness, trust, and togetherness that binds us all - Friendship! Are you up for it?

You can use this graphic as a calendar, with 2 days off a week, or as more of a ‘Bingo’ card, crossing off challenges as you complete them.


Print it out, stick it up somewhere you will see it, and have fun with it! Why not get your kids involved, or challenge your friends to join you for one or more of the challenges!

Remember, the goal of the daily challenges is not to win, but to nurture and grow our friendships.

Let’s make February a memorable month!
Happy Friendship February! 

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