Tranquil Thursdays - Meditative Art in deep dark January

Tranquil Thursdays - Meditative Art in deep dark January

Art is great - of course I think this, I’m an artist!

But really, art is pretty fantastic.

I think a lot of people look at art as a finished product. A painting, a sculpture, a film, a beautiful item of clothing, a play, a song.

But what is as important, and possibly even MORE important (note - I am on the side of it being way more important) is the actual process of creation. The making of the art.

Creating is a very important action that people do which can help their mood, their thoughts, and their health in a positive way.  Whether it’s a delicious meal or painting a wall, the process together with the finished product gives one a huge sense of satisfaction. And the satisfaction is higher when you have done it yourself.

This is how art works.

So since the pandemic began, I have been posting drawing videos up sometimes on Thursdays. The aim of these videos is to show you haw to draw different shapes, patterns and images which help you to relax, to breath, to turn your brain off, to take a moment for yourself, to meditate.



They are simple exercises that anyone can do. While I try to create something that will be visually pleasing when it is finished, the idea of these videos are not to make an amazing piece of art, but to spend some time focused on creativity. This focus can help to still your mind and create something for a bit of fun!



Suitable for EVERYONE, I have had a lot of fun creating these videos, and the funny thing about it all is that making them has forced me to sit down and draw every week. And i’m not drawing for work, or to make a finished perfect, planned piece. I am just drawing for fun, I am drawing aimlessly, I am just making shapes on paper and not worrying about what it will look like at the end. And I am loving it. I feel more relaxed and content after doing these, and often, while drawing them, I lose sense of time and lose myself in the drawing. It has really helped me during these weird times. Which is also why I have been going back to them now, this January. I think it's a good time to re-engage with mindfullness and yourself through drawing. Especially during the dark early nights



It has also been fantastic to see all the messages and drawings others have created. And to know that people are watching these videos, enjoying them, and taking some time out for themselves.



All these videos, and more, are available to watch on the Mad Jessie Youtube Channel.

For more information on how drawing and doodling helps in memory retention and mindfulness, check out this article in Psychology Today.

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