The Mad Jessie Sailor Collection 2022/23

The Mad Jessie Sailor Collection 2022/23

The Faire Isle-esque Sailor Collection launches tomorrow, Friday 7th of October.

Inspired by MJ's childhood in County Galway and a trip to the Shetland Islands, this collection includes Hats, Wrist Warmers, and Sustainable Snuzzles - everything a Sailor needs to keep warm at sea! Designed to celebrate Irish sailing traditions, particularly that of the renowned Galway Hooker, the hats are accompanied by matching wrist warmers, also adorned with a traditional Galway Hooker fishing boat. 

The collection celebrates warm, soft, comfortable and hardy items, such as the Sailor wool hats that are the result of a collaboration between friends, their matching mittens, and Snuzzles that celebrate the sea and skies that surround sail boats.

Sustainable Snuzzles:

Snuzzle Season is Here!

🥶Cold around the back of your neck and shoulders?
🥶Chilly ears?
🥶Icy nose?
🥶Kids refusing to keep a scarf on?
🔥Get toasty and warm right away!🔥

Snuzzles will keep you warm and toasty, and for those of you that are active, they are moisture-wicking too!

Soft, seamless, breathable, and beautifully hand-drawn and designed, they make a great all-round accessory, (or gift!) and they fold up small, so you can always have one on hand for when you need it!

Each multi-use tube scarf is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles!
These bottles are diverted from the ocean, and each Snuzzle is made from about two plastic bottles.

Oh, and all the designs are hand drawn by yours truly, and with only 100 of any design printed, these are super special!

All Snuzzles will be beautifully and carefully packaged in a reusable gift box! You can even turn it inside out to make it even more beautiful!

This new collection boasts five new designs:

  • Celestial Navigation
  • Sailor Snuzzle
  • Splashes in rust
  • Irish Wildflowers
  • Ladybug Luck


Celestial Navigation:
Inspired by the star constellations that Sailors sail by, back when celestial navigation was used instead of GPS's. Still today, many sailors will sail using constellations to guide them at night. MJ's favourite constellation is Orion, and she has spent many a night navigating using Orions belt as her guide. This Snuzzle includes all the most used celestial navigational constellations: The Southern Cross (also known as Crux), Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, Orion (of course!), Centaurus, and Cassiopeia.

Sailor Snuzzle:
Inspired by MJ's childhood in County Galway and a trip to the Shetland Islands, this Snuzzle is part of the Sailor Collection 2022/23. Designed to celebrate Irish sailing traditions, particularly that of the renowned Galway Hooker.

Splashes in rust:
Inspired by the sea and how it moves, and the colour of old rusty boat hulls, this design was originally spray painted onto a wall by MJ, and then photographed and manipulated into a pattern for this Snuzzle.

Irish Wildflowers:
Inspired by the beauty of Irish Wildflowers, MJ painted a collection of six wildflowers for this Snuzzle, and included their names in English AND in Irish as part of the design.

Ladybug Luck:
Inspired by the Irish Wildflower Snuzzle, MJ wanted to create a matching set. So she drew and painted these ladybugs for luck, and to make sure the aphids stay away from the beautiful flowers! 


Heritage Knits:


These beautiful knits are made here in Waterford from 100% lambswool, and are the result of a fantastic collaboration between two friends and businesswomen - MJ (from Mad Jessie) and Caroline, from Speak in Stitches.


Available for pre-order on the website from tomorrow! All pre-ordered knits will be sent out on December 1st - and be aware, there are only 10 of each available for pre order, and the wrist warmers are already proving to be popular even before their launch!

You will also be able to buy the matching Sailor hat and Wrist Warmers as a set, saving money in the process!

And yes, this also goes for the Skipper Collection! I love a matching set! And they will of course come beautifully packaged!

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