The Mad Jessie & Friends Fathers Day Gift Guide!

The Mad Jessie & Friends Fathers Day Gift Guide!

Don't forget to check out the Mad Jessie Fathers Day Gift selection!

Disclaimer: I am not paid or even asked to write these guides or include these businesses. None of these businesses are stocking my products (at the moment!) and this is just a guide I put together to help people find awesome gifts. Also if you ever want to find me an awesome gift, have a look at my gift guides! However, yes, I am a customer of most of these businesses - either a past customer, or a future one. 

Me and my Dad working on my home, the boat! If you look closely, he is wearing a Snuzzle! Did you know the whole reason I started drawing and designing Snuzzles was because of my Dad?!


The Problem…

Fathers day is just around the corner, and I don’t know about you, but I sometimes have a lot of difficulty finding the right gift. There are the traditional offers like anything to do with whiskey, beer and golf. But honestly, my dad wouldn’t be interested in any of those, and so I often feel quite limited in regards to choice.

Why I can help you…

I have an amazing Dad and 3 incredible brothers (and a fantastic Mum!) so I have spent most of my life searching for perfect gifts for fathers day, Christmas and birthdays. I actually REALLY enjoy finding the perfect gift - case in point… I have already bought a November birthday gift and a Christmas gift…

Sometimes the best gift is a song!!!

On that note…


If you are my Dad please STOP reading here, or you will ruin the surprise!!!


Is he gone?


The Solution!

Below I have gathered together some of the best gifts for Dad’s that I have been able to find. These all come from LOCAL IRISH BUSINESSES, so not only will you be finding an AWESOME gift, but you will also be supporting small businesses and the Irish economy in, let’s face it, a time we could all do with some support.

On that note…

I realise some families don’t have euros to spare, so I will also include some great gift ideas that can be made by the kids at home…

Let’s Get Started!


For the dad who loves to laugh

  Check out …

Weird Watercolours

These brilliant mugs are sure to get a proper laugh out of your Da when he opens his gift, and a chuckle every time he goes to make a cuppa! (MY DAD, STOP READING!) 


Totes got my dad the Father Ted mug this year - small.... far away....


For the Dad who loves to read

Check out …

The Book Resort

This is an Irish family run business (as are actually many of the businesses mentioned here - it gives me the warm fuzzies!) The Book Resort deliver gorgeous subscription and gift boxes filled with fantastic new books, yummy chocolate and artisan gifts from a variety of different Irish businesses to homes across the country. From monthly subscriptions or one-off gift box, you will find a perfect gift for a book-loving Dad right here!

For the Dad who loves the Outdoors

Check out …

Mad Jessie! (Yeah, that's me!)

I draw and design gorgeous multi-use tube scarves - I call them Snuzzles. These are perfect for anyone who likes to spend time outdoors. Snuzzles are versatile accessories essential for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. Their lightweight, breathable fabric ensures comfort during activities like hiking, biking, and skiing. They wick away moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable, while also providing temperature regulation. They offer protection against sun rays and are effective against dust, snow, and rain. 

The Snuzzle is made from 100% recycled Microfibre Polyester, and offers remarkable softness, lightness, and stretchability. Each Sustainable Snuzzle helps divert up to two plastic bottles from landfills or oceans and is certified by the Global Recycled Standard.

 Snuzzles make a perfect Father's Day gift for dads who love the outdoors. Stylish and functional, they serve as both a fashion accessory and practical gear. With their versatility and protective features, Snuzzles are a valuable addition to any wardrobe, ensuring comfort and safety year-round.


Why not check out the Mad Jessie Fathers Day Gift selection?

For the Dad who needs a new t-shirt

Check out …

Due South

Due South is a lovely Irish Brand, who are also passionate about our amazing country, and sustainability. They create minimalist but beautiful designs, that reflect their version of life in Ireland: From our rugged coastlines with world-class surf, the richness of our nature with its green hills and Celtic heritage to our cities steeped in history.

For the Dad who always wished he was a pirate

Check out …


This is a very fun Irish shop, especially if you are looking for quality, one-of-a-kind gifts or homeware - I have some really fab wine glasses I picked up here, and this bottle opener is totally on my wish list! It's also an epic fathers day gift!

 For the Dad who loves to eat and BBQ

Check out …

Smokin' Soul

I haven't had the joy of attending one of their courses yet, but I have friends who report that the experience is AMAZING and these guys are totally on my bucket list. Not far from New Ross, they host incredible courses where you learn a plethora of skills and eat amazing food too! They also make top quality grills - So if your dad is BBQ obsessed, a voucher from here will be a winner!


For the Dad who loves Gardening

Check out …

Isabel's Place

My go-to for gifts, I just LOVE Isabels Place. They have so many options when it comes to Dad, and everything in this place is unique and quirky and fun and expertly chosen to make you smile!


For the Dad who needs a Relaxing Day Out

Check out …

Sólás Na Mara

Located in Helvic, An Rinn, looking across Dungarvan Bay to Waterford’s stunning coast, this is the place to send your Dad in the South East if you want to gift him a relaxing few hours. The seaweed baths are just brilliant -  I absolutely love going, and always feel great afterwards!

For the Dad who needs a bespoke gift

Check out …

The Green Dot Custom for Him Gift Box

I love this shop, and I also love it when you can build a curate the perfect gift box yourself: It makes it more personal and special!


DIY (kid-friendly) Fathers Day gifts 

Also YOU friendly and teen friendly! 

A Music Playlist:

This is a great gift, as not only can your dad listen to it over and over, it also is a way of sharing songs that you might both like, or songs that bring back memories. Free, but will be cherished for years.

A Photo Book: 

Get a collection of old photos of you and your dad, or you and your siblings and your dad - you can DIY a book, or send them off to get printed. I'll give you some links below. And you can go further than a book. Other great ideas include mugs, magnets and placemats! Try Harvey Norman, Snapfish (make sure to use their discount codes), Vistaprint and Boots.

A Bespoke T-Shirt

Get a cotton t-shirt, and make sure to wash it first. Put some baking paper or cardboard inside it so the ink wont bleed to the other side. Get your sharpie markers out and have fun! When you are done, make sure to iron it well on a high setting, and only wash in a cold wash. Tah-Dah!

A Vinyl Record Bowl

This one is fun, and great for older kids (especially teens) to try with adult supervision. You will need: an old vinyl record, a heat proof bowl, oven gloves.

Put your oven on to about 180 degrees celsius. Place your heat proof bowl upside down in the oven and place the vinyl on top of it. When the vinyl begins to warp a little, take them out of the oven, and wearing the gloves, mould the vinyl around your bowl. Leave to dry... and voila! 

A Few More Gift Ideas...

Just in case you are still looking for the perfect gift!

A fun signed limited art print!
See More HERE
A stripy hat made from no-waste wool
Knitted in Waterford by Caroline, finished by MJ
See More HERE
A pack of Plantable Pencils
Pencils with seed capsules, you can plant once you are finished with them.
Choose from Herbs or Flowers!
See More HERE

Check out the Mad Jessie Fathers Day Gift selection!

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