Recycled fabric flower pot - Great DIY Gift Idea for Christmas!

Recycled fabric flower pot - Great DIY Gift Idea for Christmas!

Recycled fabric flower pot - Great DIY Gift Idea for Christmas!

I love making these pots, as its a great way to use old fabric which you don’t want to throw out but you can’t really use . Its also a good way of using up old tetra packs, and who doesn’t love having a windowsill full of plants!


When my back was out and I was stuck in bed for two years, my room was full of plants growing, from flowers to chilli plants, and it is good for the soul to have growth around you. Every day you begin to notice little changes in the plants, and the greenery is always lovely to see.

These pots are super easy to make, but you can make them more difficult by matching up the fabric patterns, or creating your own by mixing and matching fabrics, and layering them on in different ways.  If you or your kids have done a workshop with me before, you probably have some of these in your house already!

You Will Need:


A tetra pack (empty milk or juice carton) - make sure it is clean and dry!


Scissors and/or craft knife

PVA glue  (and an old paintbrush if you don’t want to get too messy)

A pencil with a sharp point

A lollypop stick and some markers

Earth and seeds



Mark a line across your carton. You can use a ruler if you like. This line will mark where you will cut the carton.

Cut the top off the carton following the line you drew, using scissors, or a craft knife if you are a grown-up.

Cut your fabric into strips. If you want a clean edge, use scissors. If like me you want an uneven feathered edge, tear the fabric into strips instead.

Use the sharp pencil to poke 5 holes into the bottom of your carton.

Pour out your PVA glue into a small pot or saucer. I like to use my fingers for the next bit as I like getting a bit messy, but if you prefer you can use an old paintbrush.

Cover the 4 sides of the carton in glue.

Taking one strip at a time, wrap them around the carton. You can be as creative as you like with this step. I like lining up the fabric, but you can cover the carton any way you like - try a few different ones and play with the different effects you can make.

Once the strips of fabric cover the entire surface of the carton, cover everything in a LOT of glue. each bit of fabric should be properly soaked through with PVA.

Leave to dry! (usually overnight) Make sure the carton is on a wee plate or some clingfilm as it will stick to the surface it it resting on.

Fill with earth and plant your seeds, or pop in one of your Plantable Pencils!

Date and label your lollypop stick with your markers.

Put your gorgeous new pot on a saucer by the windowsill, and wait for your plants to grow!


I would love to see some of your recycled fabric flower pots! Please share in the comments!

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