Festival Fashion Guide 2022

Festival Fashion Guide 2022

Oh my goodness I love festival season, especially after the last couple of years! I am SO busy getting ready to go to a heap of music festivals: Small family run camping one's, medium sized multiple venue one's in cities, and massive weekend-long ones in a giant field! 

I always make a list of what to bring (which you can find HERE), but one of the questions I often get is WHAT to wear:


1. Wear. Whatever. You. Want.

Seriously. There are too may articles out there making people feel crap about themselves and how they look. So, wear what you want, and what makes you feel HAPPY and COMFORTABLE. And if you feel great, who gives a toss about what anyone else thinks!

2. Bumbag

Get yourself a bumbag, or a wrist pocket, or both. You want to have all your essentials attached to you: easy to reach, difficult to loose or steal.

3. Glitter

I mean it is a festival! And if you want to pair it with fairy wings or whatever you've always dreamed of wearing, do it! Just make sure your glitter is eco-friendly and get your sparkle on!

4. Tote

Sometimes not everything is going to fit in your handy wee bumbag, which is where the tote comes in. Tough and strong, you can fill it with cans and then some, but the soft handles mean it is comfy to wear either on your shoulder or as a back pack, and it fold up small for when it's empty - also a great place to pack extra layers!

5. Boots

Boots (or wellies!) were made for walking, dancing, jumping, and protecting your feet! From what? Stomping feet, mud, pee puddles by the portaloos, random rubbish on the ground, tent pegs, nettles and thistles... Keep your lovely feet dry and warm and safe and comfy, they will be carrying the rest of you through the entire festival!

6. Hat

Protect that face from sun (or wind!) burn and get thee a hat - Half the fun is choosing the perfect festival hat, the sky's the limit, you can go as crazy or as conservative as you like! Remember, the crazier the hat, the easier you will be to spot in a crowd!

7. Suncream and lip balm

Protect yourself all you can, after all there is nothing as uncomfortable as a serious neck burn and dry lips on day 2 of a 4 day festival! Bring them along in the bum bag and reapply! It's also not a bad way to meet people... Hello there good-looking, you look like you might be getting a little burnt... would you like some suncream?! ;)

8. Snuzzle

Speaking of burnt necks, if you wear one of these your neck will be perfectly protected! They can also be worn a load of different ways, so whatever mood you are in (pirate? fitness fanatic?) your Snuzzle will suit it. OH! and they are ideal for wearing when you are front and centre dancing, as they keep the sweat away and can cool you down in a crown, or warm you up as you make your way to your tent in the early dawn.

Remember at the end of the day it's all about how you FEEL - so get out there, bounce and dance and laugh and feel GREAT!


1. Heels

They might look great but sinking in the mud and wobbling through the field is just waaaay too much hassle!

2. Flip Flops

remember that toe stomping in the crowd and the pee puddles by the portaloos? Eugh! No thank you!

3. Forget a Coat

It will get cold! (and it might/will probably rain!) Don't forget your coat or at least a good few layers. AND if you don't get cold you can always offer it to that hottie next to you and score massive brownie points!

4. If it's raining, ditch the Jeans

Jeans are awesome, I LOVE myself a good pair of jeans - BUT, in Ireland especially, they can be bad news in the rain as they get heavy, they don't dry out, and walking around in wet jeans means they will stick to your skin, cause friction burn, and make you cold!

5. Forget your Leggings!

Why are leggings so ideal for festivals? Let me tell you!

They are practically weightless, which makes them super comfortable to wear, and because they take up next to no space in your bag, you can bring 5 pairs of leggings in the place of one pair of trousers!

They are moisture wicking (ie fast drying). This means they will wick away all the sweat from dancing, as they are fitted you wont get any friction burn, and if they get wet, they wont make you cold! They also dry SUPER fast which makes them perfect for rainy festivals.

They go with everything: oversized t-shirts, tank tops, chunky jumpers, dresses and skirts, even just a bra and a flowy top! And they pair excellently with those boots I mentioned earlier!


They work as a second layer to keep you warm. At night or in the evenings, pop on a second pair of leggings, trousers, or a long skirt over your leggings to be toasty and warm! They also make great pyjamas if you need extra layers inside that sleeping bag!

They make you feel fab (when they are made right).

A good pair of leggings will make you FEEL amazing. They need to be strong, so as they don't rip or tear, squatproof, so you don't worry about showing off your undies (or lack of!) and a good strong colourful pair of leggings feels silky soft and supportive all weekend long! The right leggings are like a second skin! Make sure to choose something colourful to give you a BOOST every time you look down!

If you are looking for a GREAT pair of leggings ON SALE click HERE (psst, there are a whole lot of cool t-shirts HERE too!)



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