The Rainy Day Adventure Guide: Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids and Grown-ups During a Rainy Summer

The Rainy Day Adventure Guide: Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids and Grown-ups During a Rainy Summer


As a child who grew up in the west of Ireland, most of the summer I remember were rainy and cold. But this didn't stop us having the best of fun: We always had the beaches to ourselves and used to make the most amazing sandcastles in the rain. 


When it comes to rainy summers, especially in Ireland, it's easy to feel cooped up and uninspired. However, rain doesn't have to put a damper on outdoor fun. With the right mindset and gear, you can turn soggy days into memorable adventures. Here are some exciting activities that both kids and grown-ups can enjoy in the rain, along with tips on staying dry and comfortable.


Proper Attire: Suit Up for Fun

The key to enjoying outdoor activities in the rain is wearing the right gear. Waterproof jackets, pants, and boots are essential. For extra protection, you might even consider adopting a quirky but effective method from my childhood: using brown packing tape to seal the edges of your raingear. It might look funny, but it ensures that no water seeps in, keeping you dry and warm. 

Be prepared - if you are journeying away from home, have towels and black plastic bags, and even a change of clothes in the car - so you can dry off, and not wreck the car with mud and wet!


Puddle Jumping: Embrace the Splash

One of the simplest yet most delightful rainy day activities is puddle jumping. One of my earliest memories is my dad taking me out on a rainy day and we jumped in puddles and got absolutely soaking wet, it was one of the best days.

Kids love the thrill of splashing through puddles, and it's a great way for adults to let loose and embrace their inner child too! Just find a good pair of wellies and start jumping. Remember, the goal is to get wet and have fun!


Mud Sliding: Clean Dirt Adventures

When the rain turns grassy hills into muddy slopes, it's time to go sliding. My granny used to call it "clean dirt," and she was right—there's something pure and joyful about getting messy in the rain.

Find a safe, gentle hill (no protruding rocks!) and slide down, letting the mud do the rest. Just be sure to wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty and maybe bring a change of clothes for the ride home. Getting covered in mud as a small child is thrilling, and actually it's not so bad as a grown-up either!

Fun Walks: Explore in the Drizzle

Rain transforms familiar landscapes into new worlds to explore. Put on your wetgear and take a walk in your local park or along a river or beach. The rain brings out vibrant colours and fresh scents, making the experience magical.

You can also turn the walk into a scavenger hunt, looking for snails, worms, and other creatures that come out in the rain! Look under the seaweed and rocks to discover whole worlds.


Duck Watching: A Quack-tastic Time

Rainy days are perfect for visiting a nearby pond or lake to watch ducks. Ducks love the rain, and it's fascinating to observe their behaviour.

Bring along some duck-friendly food like peas or oats (never bread) and enjoy the  ducks swimming and splashing in the rain.

This is my wee nephew's favourite past time, and my friends three-year-old is also obsessed with ducks. It's fun to watch them watch the ducks, and see how excited they are with something so simple. You'll often find me watching the ducks near my boat, especially as at this time of the year they still have their ducklings following them about. Super cute!

Rain Art: Creative Expression

Turn the rain into your canvas by making rain art!

All you need is some thick card and washable markers.

Draw a design on the paper and then take it outside to let the raindrops blend the colours into unique patterns. It's a fun and creative way to engage with the weather!

Make Rainy Days Your Playground

Rainy summers don't have to be dreary. With the right attitude and preparation, they can be filled with adventure and joy. Whether you're puddle jumping, mud sliding, or simply enjoying a rainy walk, there's plenty of fun to be had for both kids and adults. So next time the skies open up, don't stay inside—grab your coat, your wellies (and your "It's raining cats n dogs" Snuzzle) and embrace the rain!



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