Discover the Magic of Mad Jessie's New Embroidered Hoop Art Collection

Discover the Magic of Mad Jessie's New Embroidered Hoop Art Collection

Welcome to the enchanting world of Mad Jessie's Embroidered Hoop Art Collection, where creativity and craftsmanship unite to bring you a stunning array of unique, hand-stitched masterpieces.

For the past two years, I, (MJ,) have poured my heart and soul into designing, drawing, and embroidering each piece in this collection, and I am thrilled to share some of my initial creations with you.

Each Piece Tells a Story

Every hoop in this collection is more than just a piece of art; it is a narrative brought to life through the delicate and meticulous process of embroidery. Inspired by nature, life at sea, and everyday beauty, my designs capture the essence of what makes life living on a boat special. From Sailor Jerry style swallows to Galway Hooker fishing boats, each piece is a testament to the art of storytelling through thread.

Handcrafted with Love and Precision

My journey with each hoop begins with a sketch, carefully drawn to lay the foundation of the final design. Using unbleached cotton or linen as a base and silky cotton threads and bright embroidery floss, I bring my sketches to life, one stitch at a time. The attention to detail and the hours of dedication put into each piece ensure that you receive not just an artwork, but a labor of love.

Perfect for Any Space

Whether you're looking to add a touch of colour to your hallway, a splash of fun to your kids bedroom, or a unique accent to your office, my Embroidered Hoop Art Collection offers something for every space. These hoops are unique, introducing texture and colour to your space, while also being an affordable, easy-to-hang and conversation-starting way to showcase artwork! This makes them ideal gifts for loved ones or awesome additions to your own home.

A Celebration of Artistic Passion

This collection is a celebration of my artistic journey and passion for craft and the importance of creating with our hands, and continuing the traditions of our mothers and grandmothers. Over the past two years, I have refined my techniques and explored new styles, all of which are reflected in the diversity and creativity of these pieces. Each hoop is a piece of my heart, and I am excited to share this artistic adventure with you.

Explore the beauty and intricacy of Mad Jessie's Embroidered Hoop Art Collection and find the perfect piece to bring joy and inspiration into your life. Thank you for being a part of this journey and for appreciating the art that I love to create.


Note: Custom designs and commissions are also available. Please contact me for more information on personalised embroidery art.

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