Our Story


It all started when…

MJ (also known as Marie-Jeanne) slipped two discs in her lower back and spent almost two years bed bound between waiting for surgery and then going through recovery.

She could only really wear leggings at the time as they were easy to pull on and off, but the only leggings she could find were dull and boring. You could see her underwear through them and they never lasted very long. They made her feel awful.

Since she had always been an artist and illustrator, she began to draw and design leggings while she was stuck in bed. She drew things that were bright and fun and funky, designs that made her smile and feel good. She then got high-quality fabric printed and sewn up into leggings for herself, and all of a sudden she started to feel good about herself again.

Having been stuck for so long had really stripped away her confidence, but now being able to put on a pair of loud, fun, colourful leggings gave her a little confidence back. As she began to walk again and strengthen her muscles, people saw her leggings and would ask about them, and so she decided to start a business selling leggings; leggings that were colourful and fun, that passed the ‘squat test’, that felt great and that lasted.

Our Mission Statement here at Mad Jessie is

To support and celebrate people through our hand drawn, colourful, fun, unique leggings, and through our commitment to making you feel good about who you are.

Getting ready for Pilates as I work towards recovery and becoming a strong athletic skater again... Some days it’s hard to find the enthusiasm but the mad leggings help me feel stronger inside and out - one of the reasons I began designing them in the first place.
— MJ - Feb 7th 2018
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