Collection: The Eco Range

I’m on a journey with Mad Jessie to really think and act on sustainability. From using recycled materials that help the environment by reducing waste, to making as much as I can locally, to promoting eco conscious items like the Sprout Plantable Pencils and the GuppyFriend wash bag, to making quality products that last in eco-friendly packaging…

The Eco Range focuses on products that are as sustainable as possible in the materials used to make them. From limited prints on recycled card, to 100% natural plantable pencils, to the Guppyfriend wash bag, all of these items are especially natural, eco friendly and sustainable from production to final product.

And multi use tube scarves, a.k.a. Snuzzles are sustainably made from plastic bottles that have been diverted from landfill and the ocean - the fabric is so soft you would never guess it used to be plastic!

The Eco Range