How Mad Jessie began - A Snapshot

I suppose this is a quick blogpost to introduce you to me, MJ, and my business, Mad Jessie, and how it all began…

Marie-Jeanne Jacob (better known as MJ) was born in France but grew up on the Wild West coast of Ireland, with her dog Jesse.

Now living in the Sunny South East in Waterford, she has been busy, having spent almost a decade travelling all over the world.

On her return to Ireland, she joined her local Roller Derby league. She has now trained and played with leagues internationally, including in the UK, Scotland, and Argentina, and in 2018 organised and coordinated Waterford’s first international Roller Derby tournament. Her love for Roller Derby developed in part due to its underlying ethos and community spirit; Roller Derby is an inclusive, full-contact women's sport (on skates!) that embraces people of all ages, fitness levels, gender expressions, and body-types.

She seriously injured her back in 2016, and found herself bed-bound and quite stuck. So she brought together her love of art and illustration with her passion for Roller Derby, designing fun funky leggings for herself, as there wasn't much else she could wear. Her aim was to make leggings that felt comfortable, were durable, and that would help her feel stronger and more confident as she progressed with her long recovery.

Slowly, the idea of Mad Jesse was born as friends and family saw the leggings and wanted their own - Soon the local Roller Derby league had leggings done up in their team colours, and as MJ recovered, interest in Mad Jessie leggings grew.

She plans to continue to develop fun, bold, bright designs intended to make people feel great about themselves, bringing art to the street through her leggings, and spreading attitudes of strength, positivity, and fun.

Marie-Jeanne Jacob